06-Sri Ayyappan Puja – 2017

06-Sri Ayyappan Puja – 2017

  • 28th January 2017
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At the Hindu Cultural Society, Sri Ayyappan Puja was celebrated as a daylong event on Sunday, 8th January 2017. Nearly 150 participants have joined the celebrations, bringing joy and harmony.

The Puja was performed under the guidance of Guru Sri Kalyanji and with the support of keen volunteers. The highlight was the arrival and participation of The Worshipful The Mayoress of the London Borough of Harrow in the Maha Aarti. This is the second time to have the Mayoress in our celebration.

The Puja was colourful and divine with everyone participating in the performance. Enchanting nama-sangeerthanam, with many bhajans filled the air, uplifting the spiritual ambinence. Maha prasadam was served to all, to ensure the fulfillment is acheived at all measures.

The event was successfully completed. Thank you for all your participants and feedback.

Event Photos:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wZzIdnHi3A[/embedyt]

Event Photos:

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