Event 04 – Digital Awareness for Seniors

Event 04 – Digital Awareness for Seniors

Digital Awareness

MitraSeva initiated the Digital Awareness to Seniors, for bringing Social Media Applications and tools for their benefit.

MitraSeva Volunteer Smt. Sujatha Rangarajan presented the scope and usefulness of WhatsAPP services for the Seniors, starting with a general introduction of WhatsAPP which quickly turned into lot of interesting questions and answers, and the inevitable hands-on demonstration.

Clearly, this preliminary session has sparked lot of interests among the Mitras and so, subsequent sessions shall be arranged to benefit our Seniors.  Digital Awareness is an important service and MitraSeva is planning to bring out more sessions in the future.


Mitra Charitra

Experience is the greatest teacher.   By learning from the experiences of our Mitras, especially from those who are gracefully ripen by age and bearing the fruits of vast experiences, we indeed learn a lot.   It is also a great gesture to show our seniors that we are indeed caring for their well being; holding their hands to walk back on their nostalgic memory lane is surely a small token of our respect.  That is what Mitra Chartira is all about.

MitraSeva intends to provide a stage for the Seniors amongst us, to share with us what life has taught them, what made them who they are now, what their regrets and resolves… anything that makes them feel at ease to share with us.

We kicked-off the first session of Mitra Charitra, with one of our Seniors  Mrs Sita Venkatraman, who gave an interesting and engaging account of her wonderful life, thanks to MitraSeva Volunteer Mr Jayaraman for conducting the interview amid the happy interlude of questions and comments from all  participants.

After a fun-filled game of Bingo,  the session ended with a happy note of encouragement for the forthcoming MitraSeva sessions.


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